Purveyors Of "Fine" Junk Since 'Ought Six

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This one is made out of a very old 5 string Banjo neck with geared tuners.  The body consists of a large aluminum flange (probably from some kind of water ducting), an aluminum dog bowl for the back, a pie tin for a Resonator and a Tune’O’Matic bridge (until we make a tall enough Banjo style bridge for it).  The Flanjo sounds like a cross between a Banjo and an Indian Sarod without the sympathetic strings (also noting its has frets , where a Sarod doesn't).  This is a one of a kind Instrument and that’s why, unfortunately for you ........ IT'S ALL MINE.....HA HA HA!!!
               (I really need to stop keeping the merchandise, I'm running outta room)



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