Purveyors Of "Fine" Junk Since 'Ought Six

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 (Cumbus Mandolin)


Junkyard Luthiers uses reclaimed materials for our accessories, tuners, bridges, nuts, etc as much as possible. We also use alternative building materials from cooking utensils to fan shrouds, door jams, hardwood thresholds, shelving, futons and other reclaimed building materials. For our resonators we use items such as pie tins, chrome trays, nickel plated bell brass, aluminum and stainless steel platters of various shapes and sizes, we have also been known to use lids from aluminum camping mess kits.

                                          (Death plays a ditty...aka...Ditty de los Muertos) 
We hand craft all of the bridges from our banjo style to our traditional wooden bridges, we are meticulous about re-bracing sound boards that were altered during our modifications. We put in attention to detail such as unique ornamentations like hand crafted sound hole covers and head stock pendants.

Junkyard Luthiers takes pride in being able to take an otherwise bland and boring, lifeless instrument and transforming it into a superbly playable, amazing sounding, work of art.Our goal is to make one of a kind instruments with one of a kind sounds, which stand the test of time. Our instruments cater to all levels of musicians and lend themselves to many styles of music.                          

(Lonnie Johnson)

Our instruments have been played by many of your favorite legends such as Robert Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, Gustav Mahler, Son House, Johan Sebastian Bach and perhaps the most influential of all... Richard Millhouse Nixon (Ashame they are all dead with no possible way of verifing this information.)





Keep an eye out on ebay for our instruments.
We'll try to keep you posted on which ones are currently on auction.
Feel free email us at
junkyardluthiers@gmail.com with any general questions or if you need information on how to purchase any of our instruments not listed on ebay. .



Junkyard Luthiers was founded back in ought 6 by G-off (It's really "Geoff" pronounced "Jeff" but nobody ever gets it right) G-off is a live sound engineer by trade and for over 30 years a musician with an eccletic array of instruments and musical styles.He being a compulsive thrift shop, swap meet and garage sale connosier and running out of shelf space, partnered up with Dan (pronounced "Dan" - also a musician) to create uniquely individualized instruments out of atypical materials. We hope that our inovative approach to making insturments inspires people to discover new and interesting sounds for making new and interesting music.


                Raised Rez          Charlie's Angel
               Rez 'O' Biscuit
                Nylon Rez
                   Blondie          Big Red     "Sold"
              Rez 'O' Bismol
            Rez 'O' Naught
           Boardwalk Banjos          From The Junkyard

          Cigar Box Guitars
So don't forget to check back often, because we're always adding new instruments and trying to get a grip on the whole web design thingy (which as you can see, we're just not there yet). 

And remember, we’re not just Junkyard Luthiers...
We're your friends......Except for that guy Steve.....He's not our friend!    See ya real soon!
                         Junkyard Luthiers



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