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                 (Must have sense of HUMOR....... REALLY!!!)

                                                           (Louis Armstrong)
Polish Waltz - Pat & G-off (lil Red Plays  a clip on 'lil Red's Page)

Million Guitars - Dopamine (Chris & G-off) ( Played on the Homepage)

Satan's (Staisfied) From the Olde Timey Satanic Gospel Revival Hour
Chris and G-off

Vivaldi - Concerto for Mandolins & Cello played on a Tenor Cigar Box - G-off (played on the nubian queen page)

Bad Gypsy (BAD BAD GYPSY!) - Pat, Mike D. & G-off

Grand Horizon - Dopamine (Chris & G-off)

Satisfied - Paul & G-off

                                                                                        (Taraf de Haidouks)

Jim Grecco - Dopamine (Paul, Chris & G-off (Played on the Guestbook Page)

Jim Grecco (Reprise) - " Cause if ya didn't like enough the first time 'round, Now without drums, Plus now it comes with a  new Fresh Lemon Scent"- Dopamine (Chris & G-off)(Played on the Contact Info page)

"Crish" Armstrong - Dopamine (Paul, Chris & G-off) (This is chris singing , as he walked into the barn where we were recording that night, we shoved a mic into his hands, and the rest..history..kinda)

Sparky (song about an electricuted squirrel on a telephone pole) - Dopamine (Chris & G-off) ( See the video at //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj1RQYx86-Y )

Dead Jawa Storage - Pat & G-off (in the title of this song, just think of pulp fiction, then picture Samuel L. Jackson in whatever Star Wars flick he was in, Then put 'Em together....*POOF*.....Dead Jawa Storage....did I loose ya?)(Played on the "From the Junkyard" page)

That's Why - Doug & G-off ( What can i say, I'm at my most creative musicly, when I'm mad at someone, and I'm swimming in their pool)
Tu Le Queef (um....might not want the kids going around singing this one) - (Just wait till I add an accordion solo) Dopamine (Chris & G-off)

Panty Christ Super Storage - (You know the words, Ya'll sing along) - Dopamine (Chris and G-off) (see the video  at youtube //www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSr5o2q5n7o

Evil Waltz - (Still a work in progress) - G-off

8th Day Adventist - (not mixed yet) Dopamine (Chris & G-off) ( A nice 'lil ditty 'bout doors or hallways or windows or suicide or somthing.....or not...maybe i got it all wrong) 

We Sail - Dopamine (Chris & G-off)

More songs being added soon (God help us all!)


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